Social Work

SWK5015 U8D1 Evaluating Research

ORDER NOW For this discussion, find a program evaluation article that is peer-reviewed and includes a methodology and results section. In your post: Describe research questions, design, and the findings. Explain the statistical tests used and how the authors interpreted the findings. Critique the article. Note that your post should be substantive and be 500–750 words. […]

SWK5012 U9D1 Working With Older People, Spirituality, and Religion

HIRE ONE OF OUR PROFESSIONAL WRITERS For this discussion, your fellow learners have created a presentation that contextualizes practice with older clients and clients whose identities are shaped by religion or spirituality. After you view their presentation, use your post to discuss one or more of the following: What are the key factors that need […]

SWK5013 u9d1 Childhood Diagnosis and Systems

WE CAN COMPLETE THIS DISCUSSION FOR YOU. ORDER NOW. Oftentimes you will see children with mental health disorders having difficulty in home, public places, and schools. They can be labeled as “difficult” or “out of control” and their behaviors often present challenges to parents, caretakers, and teachers. The ability to support these children and their […]

SWK5016 U2A1

HIRE A PROFESSIONAL WRITER There are a host of online resources that promote effective networking, client engagement, and advocacy. The purpose of this assignment is to identify the benefits and ethical considerations associated with using technology as an adjunct to social work practice. To gain insight on the guidelines that govern social work professionals’ use […]

SWK 5014 U10 Discussion Macro Social Work: Crisis Intervention

LET US HELP YOU Imagine a town has just experienced a tornado. The town is devastated. Schools, businesses, and multiple homes are damaged. The town contacts you to be part of the crisis team to attend the town meeting. Social work action often occurs on the macro systems level. This week’s readings discuss macro- level […]

SWK 5014 U8A3

ORDER THIS ASSIGNMENT For this assignment, write a paper that applies a social work theory and evidence-based interventions associated with your practice experience during the role plays. Describe a specific theory and an intervention used for each of the following: An individual meeting. A family session. A clinical group. When developing your paper, use information […]