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*There is no required length for your answers, no required number of sources, and no required
list of references.
*Answers may be written directly in Assignments or uploaded in MS WORD files only.
*The ‘civil war’ event described below is completely fictional.  The hypothetical new nation
would be governed initially by the military leaders of the victorious Northern States Army, and
as agreed with neighboring nations, by a democratically elected government similar to the state
government of Texas after a period of ten years.  The southern boundary of the new nation
follows a line from the city of Tampico in the east of Mexico, to the city of Mazatlan in the west,
and would include the Baja Peninsula.


The year is 2026, and the Mexican Civil War is finally over.  It was a confusing and violent
struggle between military units with varying loyalties, the Federal Police, State and local police,
often on opposing sides, the infamous drug cartels, always on opposing sides, citizen militias,
and armed refugee groups just trying to survive.
The new nation of Northern Mexico has emerged on the southern border of the USA and has
been recognized by the United Nations and the USA as a sovereign nation.  The United Nations
has provided border security by land, sea, and air, and will provide training and advisors for the
new nation’s army, navy, and air force.  The USA has pledged aid and cooperation with a
manufacturing zone along the borders with California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.  The
military leaders of the new nation have promised a safe haven for anyone who wishes to live in
peace and freedom from the drug trafficking and drug violence that have plagued Mexico in
recent history.
The military government has mandated the following for the next ten years:
*The use of prisons will be minimized. All serious offenders will be permanently exiled after
conviction from the maximum-security airfield/seaport facility in the former resort city of Cabo
San Lucas, Baja. Minor offenders will be given community improvement sentences under
supervision by local committees in their home communities.
*Complete disarmament of the population. Anyone caught with a firearm of any kind is
automatically arrested, and automatically permanently exiled at the completion of the trial.


*Zero tolerance for any possession or trafficking of illegal drugs. Offenders are automatically
arrested and exiled upon conviction in military courts based on ‘judge only’ Civil Law trials.
*Zero tolerance for any assaultive behavior and any offense involving abuse or neglect of a
child. Offenders are automatically arrested and exiled upon conviction in military courts based
on ‘judge only’ Civil Law trials. Offenders who have inflicted injuries are exiled. Minor
offenders are given community labor sentences for community improvement under supervision.
*The military leadership has decided to discourage the consumption by citizens of alcohol and
tobacco. However, marijuana may be grown for personal use and may be ‘bartered’ as a
traditional local market item in exchange for other produce but may not be trafficked or sold for
cash. The controlled manufacture of alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis for export will be officially
encouraged and closely monitored. Corrupt practice in this area will be considered a serious
offense and will result in permanent exile.
*The nations of Germany and Japan have agreed to provide and maintain a central laboratory for
recording DNA, fingerprint, and retinal scans of all arrested persons in Northern Mexico.
*There is no death penalty for zero-tolerance crimes. However, persons convicted for violence,
weapons offenses, and drug-related offenses are declared “persona non grata” and will not be
allowed to return to Northern Mexico during or after the ten-year mandate. Their DNA,
fingerprints, and retinal scans will be kept on file and they will be executed immediately without
trial if ever caught again in Northern Mexico.

Question #1: Can the military leaders of the new nation accomplish the goals of a safe, healthy,
and prosperous environment, free of systemic violence in the next ten years? If not, what
additional measures will they have to take?
Question#2: What are the most serious obstacles that the military government will face in the
first few years? How would you advise them to overcome those obstacles?
Question#3: Describe the Criminal Justice System (police, criminal procedure, criminal courts,
and corrections) that you would advise the nation of Northern Mexico to establish following the
ten-year period of military government.