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HLTH207 Health Care Reform Research Paper

HLTH207 Health Care Reform Research Paper

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Each student will be responsible for a paper that compares and contrast the Affordable Care Act
of 2010 (ACA) with one of the replacement proposals of your choice from at and come up with your own
conclusions based on the evidence about which healthcare reform is the best fit for the United States. It
should not be merely a recitation of interesting facts, but a short research paper. You are to objectively
analyze the following aspects:

Overall Approach
Women’s Health
State Role

Two Others of Your Choice (Found at the link below)


The required length of the paper itself is 6-8 pages of text, which do not include the APA
formatted title page and references. All papers must include at least six (6) different, referenced and
acceptable peer-reviewed scholarly sources other than assigned readings for this class. Internet sources
that include information other than web-available journals are NOT acceptable for this assignment as part
of the six (6) sources. Brochures or interviews also are not as acceptable as part of the minimum number
of sources required. Such sources may be used – but only as supplements to the six (6) ‘acceptable’
sources available for this assignment.
There will be a 10-point deduction from your earned grade for failure to provide sufficient and
appropriate sources. Your paper must also follow the guidelines of professional writing and be typed
(double-spaced); use Times New Roman font size of 12, and have 1” margins. Papers that do not adhere
to these type/font/margin stipulations will receive a 25-point deduction from their earned grade. Papers
that include more than four lines of the direct quotation will earn a 50-point deduction, I.e., all your
quotations together form more than four lines. The paper is to be your writing, not that of someone else.
It should follow a commonly accepted format of APA 7th edition. The paper must be original and
submitted through SafeAssign.