The Magic of Cinematography: Becoming a Film Major

Paper 3 Assignment


This assignment asks you to summarize and analyze eight sources you expect to use in your research project. It also asks you to think about these sources in ways that will help you create an argument for the final project. Yes, you can use sources from Paper 2 and previous Research Logs in this assignment as long as they are still relevant and sources you may continue using.

Primary Task

You will create an annotated bibliography containing eight credible and authoritative sources. You will create eight blocks of prose, one for each of the eight sources you use for this assignment.

  • You will start each of the blocks with a Works Cited entry for the source
  • In each block, you will start discussion of the source with a summary naming main ideas and/or facts
  • In each block, you will then analyze the source: How do you know the source is credible? How persuasive is the source? On what evidence and assumptions does it depend? If the source is factual, how reliable are its facts?
  • You will then draw connections between the source and at least one other source (for example, do they agree or disagree, or describe the same issue or problem from different perspectives?)
  • Finally, in a couple of sentences you will explain how you intend to use the source in your research project


Specific Instructions

  • All eight of your sources must be credible and relevant
  • At least four of your sources must reflect research in Odum Library databases
  • At least two of your sources must be peer-reviewed
  • You may use the sources you cited in Paper 2 for this assignment
  • Arrange your eight sources in the paper in the same order you would use in your Works Cited page (for example, a Works cited entry for a source written by Mark Adams precedes a source written by Malcolm Zachary)


Please see the example of a correctly formatted annotated bibliography posted in the “Student Resources” folder.




You’re writing this paper for the instructor.



Your purpose is to convince the instructor that you have not only found eight meaningful and substantial sources that you can use in your final research project, but also read these sources carefully and thought about how, exactly, you can use these sources in your project.



Your discussions of each source (not counting the Works Cited entries) should average 250-300 words (you’ll write more for sources that are crucial to your paper, and less for sources that will play a minor role). Not counting the Works Cited entries, your paper should be between 2000-2400 words long.

Below is an exaple of what it should consist of, without the work cited page.