The Magic of Cinematography: Becoming a Film Major

SOC 301 Writing Assignment 2

SOC 301 Writing Assignment 2

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What role does your family play in your education? You can discuss from a personal perspective or a general perspective.

Use examples from Ch. 6, 7 and/or Ch. 8 (4 examples total) to support your discussion. Examples may include terms, statistics, and other individual examples the book discusses. Examples can come from 1 chapter or all chapters. Use in-text citations in APA format to cite your examples.

Refer to your syllabus for paper guidelines. See Sample paper attached below.

Writing Assignments

You will have 3 writing assignments worth 50 points each.  The topics and due dates will be posted on Canvas. You will submit a response to the questions/topics using material presented in class as well as other properly cited material. Each paper requires both a title page and bibliography in APA format. The title page must have: title of paper, your name, name and time of course, instructor’s name, and paper due date. Each paper requires 3-4 full pages, typewritten, double-spaced, 12pt Times New Roman font, in Word, Google Docs or PDF format. Submit assignments to Canvas by the due date.


Grading rubric for writing assignments:

-Information (30 points): understanding and application of assignment, relevant examples, etc.

-Length (10 points): minimum 3 full pages (not including title and reference page)

-APA format (5 points): in-text citations and paper format

-Title page (3 points): included and correct info in APA format

-Reference page (2 points): included and correct APA format