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Assignment Exploring Controversial Issues in Nursing An Argumentative Perspective

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Exploring Controversial Issues in Nursing: An Argumentative Perspective
In the field of nursing, there are various controversial topics that spark debates and discussions.
In this assignment, you will have the opportunity to delve into a specific nursing topic of your choice and present a well-structured argumentative paper. Your objective is to construct a compelling argument supported by evidence and critical analysis.
Assignment Guidelines:

Select a nursing topic of your interest that is controversial or debatable.
Write an introduction where you clearly state your claim or thesis related to the chosen topic.
Provide a background to provide context and background information on the chosen topic.
Develop a body section where you present supporting evidence, studies, or examples that strengthen your claim and a counterargument to acknowledge differing viewpoints.
Summarize your argument in a conclusion that reinforces your claim and highlights its significance.

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And what you will write what is the issue of nursing can you tell me before you write
For my I thank in these problem
1- shortage in nursing
2- Risk for infection among nursing
3- Burnout in nursing jobs
4- stress