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DISCUSSION: Dietary Supplements

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For this discussion, we'll be learning a bit more about the regulation (or lack thereof) of
dietary supplements. Watch the video clip posted below from the documentary Bigger,
Faster, Stronger and review the information provided in the two links below from the U.S.
Food and Drug Administration website regarding its role in supplement regulation.  The
movie clip examines the unregulated dietary supplement industry in the U.S. The clip is
posted on YouTube by a company selling dietary supplements. I am by no means endorsing
the company…it’s the best clip I can find without requiring you to watch the entire 2-hour
documentary. If you would like to watch the entire documentary, it is available on Netflix.
Bigger, Faster, StrongerLinks to an external site.


Dietary Supplements: What You Need to KnowLinks to an external site.
Tips for Dietary Supplement UsersDownload Tips for Dietary Supplement Users
In your 250-300 word discussion post, please identify at least two things you learned
about the dietary supplement regulatory process. Discuss any similarities or differences
you find between the information in the documentary and the FDA websites. Finally, what
would you tell a friend or family member if they expressed interest in taking dietary
After posting your response, read the responses of your classmates and respond to at
least TWO in 150-200 words

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