The Magic of Cinematography: Becoming a Film Major

Essay 1 Assignment Classical Argument

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Prompt: Write a 7-paragraph essay that argues for
the value of your field of study. The stand you take
must be your own opinion about your field which
you will support with outside sources that you will
research through GoogleScholar, Google, and the
BSU Library portal. The essay must contain the
An introduction leading to your position on the
Three paragraphs that support your position;
An opposing position on the topic; and
A synthesis of the opposing position with your
own by effectively refuting it.
A conclusion
You must first submit a 1-page Statement on
Planned Research. This statement will layout the

topic and three questions about the topic you
want to study. See the examples in the module. It
will also layout why you are interested in studying
the topic and what you expect to learn through this
analysis. The topic must be approved by your

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The second activity is to create an Annotated
Bibliography of 3 sources by conducting research
about your field. See Annotated Bibliography
Assignment Sheet on page 8 of this document. The
sources can be changed in the final paper, but the
annotated bibliography that you submit will be a
graded assignment separate from your essay
The third activity is to draft your argument so
that your reader will agree with the stand you’re
taking. Remember that your job is not to

summarize the sources for your readers. It is to
provide a sense that multiple viewpoints have been
considered on the topic as you develop your
The fourth activity is to send the rough draft to
Smarthinking and to take it to the Writing Center
to work with a tutor on perfecting it.
The fifth activity is to revise the rough draft into
a polished Final Draft. Incorporating feedback
from the Writing Center and Smart-thinking is
The sixth and final activity is to write a Reflection
Memo that details what you revised and didn’t
revise and reasons that you made those choices.
Your memo will not be graded for grammar, but
you should try to answer as specifically and clearly

as possible. The memo should explicitly answer
these four questions:
• What did you understand about the
changes asked for in your essay by your
reviewers? Be specific.
• What changes did you make during the
revision process and why?
• What changes did you not make and why
• What did you learn about the research
process and how will you use it in the
next assignment?
Deliverables: 1) Statement on Planned Research, 2)
Annotated Bibliography, 3) Rough Draft 4) Final
Draft, and 5) Reflection Memo. Submit the final
draft and the memo together as one Word


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