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HLTH207 Health Care Article Review

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Assignment Overview:
During weeks 1 and 2, each student will be responsible for selecting a health care issue
on a Google Doc and writing a 100 word or less synopsis of the issue. Once approved by
the course instructor, students will locate a recent (5 years of less) professional research
article related to the issue. The article chosen must provide a comprehensive review of
the health care issue.
Comprehensive Review of Selected Article:
During assigned article review week, students will write a comprehensive review of the
article selected. Article reviews need to contain the following:
Article reviews must follow all specifications provided on the course syllabus. In
preparing this work, you will also need to respond to each of the following:
Each review must include the citation for the article that you are discussing. Be sure to
give the complete citation, especially if you are using something from an edited
compilation. If you are unsure of what constitutes an appropriate (and complete) citation,
consult an APA manual of style.
Summary (2-3 pages)
Tell the reader exactly what the article is about. What was the reason for the article? If a
research work, how did the author go about conducting the study? Who were the
subjects? What kinds of analysis was conducted? What were the author’s findings and
conclusions? What were the limitations of the study (as addressed by author(s))?
Professional Critique (1 page)
From the perspective of a professional in the field of health science, how do you respond
to the article? For example, is it clearly written? Would its intended audience understand
the content (remember that the average consumer may NOT be the intended reader)?
How might the work have been improved? Did the author support his conclusions with
appropriate evidence? Were any biases apparent in the author’s work and/or conclusions?
Do not hedge when preparing your professional critique. Take a stand.
Personal Critique (1 page)
Reviews will have a concluding opinion section (your opinion) explaining how this
article captures the nature of the issue you selected, elements that may have been
underrepresented/missed, and the overall effectiveness of the article in educating others
about the issue.
Even if you select an article that, from your professional point of view is horrible, it may
generate a favorable personal response. Alternatively, you may have similar personal and
professional responses to a written work. Tell me about those personal responses. Only in
this section may you introduce any subjectivity. Was the article interesting to you? Do

you think it covered an important topic? How might it have been improved to make for
better reading? better research? Did the author tackle a major problem in an appropriate
manner? Questions as these are all fair game for your personal response.

Other Information
All reviews must be written in professional prose. That means you cannot use
contractions, nor can you use the ‘first person (ie: I, us, our) or second person (ie: you)’
in your writing. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation must be consistent with professional
standards. Lastly, remember that only professional sources are eligible for use as an
article review. Publications such as ‘Sports Illustrated,’ ‘Seventeen,’ ‘Newsweek,’ ‘Life’
or any other popular magazine (that you can buy at the super market) are NOT
acceptable. Newspapers and the INTERNET are also inappropriate sources for this
If you have questions about the acceptability of your article, email it to me – at least three
days before your review – and I will gladly determine whether it is appropriate for the
assignment. Please note: Students who submit reviews based on unacceptable sources
(e.g., NET, newspaper, or magazines) will (1) receive an automatic zero for the
assignment and (2) NOT have any opportunity to resubmit the assignment. Students
whose reviews do not include all necessary content areas will be graded proportional to
the presence/quality of mandatory areas that are covered in their review.
Refer to the Article Review Scoring Rubric on Blackboard in the session folder.