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PHIL 5115 Spring Term Paper

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PHIL 5115 Spring Term Paper


  1. Utilitarianism.
  1. Contractual ism
  1. Rossian intuitionism
  1. The claim that, as long as we are not sacrificing anything morally significant, it is our duty to aid (for instance, to donate to relief funds and help in general to prevent things that are very bad from happening).
  2. Singer’s argument that all animals are
  1. The suggestion that the potentially good consequences of pennitting euthanasia outweigh the potentially bad consequences of permitting
  2. Warren’s analysis of personhood
  1. Marquis’ ‘future-like-ours account’
  1. The argument that if a fetus is a person, then abortion is morally impe I 0. The anti-ageist argument
  2. The view that the social value-oriented allocation system is the best option for the allocation of scarce medical
  3. The claim that it should be morally and legally pennissible to use generic engineering to enhance human


Please pick one of the above topics and write a 3-5 page paper (12 pt. font, double-spaced, one­ inch margins) in which you do the following:

  • Introduce and explain the
  • Provide an argument either for or against the topic.
  • Present one possible response/challenge to your argument in (b).
  • Finish with a brief conclusion