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Supply Chain Management Individual Project

Supply Chain Management Individual Project

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This individual project aims to discuss and analyse a supply chain problem with a solution (from one of the topics below) in a company.

I have chosen “L’Oréal “company to analyse a problem/issue faced in its supply chain and then discuss one of the below topics that apply to show challenges, solutions, and recommendations. SELECT ONLY ONE TOPIC.


  1. TOPIC 1: How does supply chain management contribute to performance dimensions (e.g., examples of agile supply chains contributing to performance dimensions during covid-19)? Performance dimensions are social, environmental, and economical (or you can use other Competitive Performance objectives/criteria like Cost Efficiency, Responsiveness and Agility, Reliability and On-Time Delivery, Product Quality, Innovation and Technology Adoption, Risk Management, etc.)
  2. TOPIC 2: How do analytics and data contribute to performance dimensions (e.g., customer analytics to understand customer preferences and acting according to enhance performance dimensions)
  3. TOPIC 3: How supply chain technologies contribute to performance dimensions (e.g., Internet of things and RFID for automated data collection and its effects on performance dimensions)
  4. TOPIC 4: How do network analytics contribute to the dimensions of performance (e.g., exploring supply chain actors’ networks and analyzing their contributions to performance dimensions (e.g., Internet of things and automated data collection and its effects on business performance)
  5. TOPIC 5: How do optimization and operational tools contribute to performance dimensions (e.g., optimizing supply chain flows to minimize supply chain costs)

*** Please you must relate to Covid 19 epidemic in any Topic you chose.

***As per Prof’s suggestion: I can choose a topic related to the e-commerce supply chain in L’Oreal (I didn’t know which topic is this!). You can choose this one or feel free to choose another one.


STRUCTURE of the assignment:


  • The word count is 3000 (excluding references, table of contents, and appendices where used), with +/-10% limits allowed.
  • Tables of contents and headlines
  • Font: Calibri 11 point Spacing: 1.5        A first-line indent
  • Include and use: Tables, figures, and the latest data appropriately utilized.
  • The project should be structured in the following sections and the focus should be as per each section’s related details.


Section Details
1) Introduction


   – The scenario for the problem and issues you want to address

·         Guiding the reader what is included in the project; the sequence and a brief explanation of each section.

·         Description of the specific problem and related issues you want to address, where the application is required, and why.

·         Research, analyse, evaluate and consolidate relevant information and data that help to identify the gap in the required application/technologies or to support your arguments for the problem

2) Up-to-date literature review with a critical approach ·         Significance, breadth of sources, criticality, consistent referencing style, tightly connected with the topic, application, and examples for justification

·         High quality and a broad range of literature sources for the arguments, reflecting a critical literature review approach.

·         Sources/references are frequently explained individually so the reader can easily understand the findings of the study presented

·         Excellently connected with the chosen application/topic, clearly showing how it contributes to performance dimensions

·         Accurately & completely list all sources used, logically written and connected, and theories/models used for referencing as explained in the template

3) Technical platform, relevant challenges, and the scenario after implementation of your solutions ·         Define the technological platform (or measures) that you think are the most suitable to solve the problem and issues described in Section 1 and supported by literature, providing examples and justification using cross-referencing from Section 2.

·         Solution(s) after implementation

·         The key challenges faced during the implementation are mentioned

·         Appropriately and realistically describe solution(s) and mapping against the problem mentioned in Section

·         Effectively comparing the situation before and after implementation

·         Demonstrating powers of critical analysis

4) Discussion/Summary and conclusions ·         Summarising the findings and connecting them with the scenarios and literature

·         Compare findings with the literature

·         Evidence-based Recommendations for managers that excellently connected with the scenarios and literature

·         Limitations and future research recommendations

·         Discuss of insightful and specific analysis





  • Use the Harvard referencing style
  • Use up-to-date and recent references and materials (websites, articles, reports) such as current challenges during the “Covid-19 pandemic”.
  • 50% of references should be academic references.