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BUAD 4301 FINAL Professional Association Paper

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Formal paper
:  cover page, APA formatting, References page (formal paper format: use the assignment instructions as a “guideline” not a template)
WORD doc:  no templates, pdfs, .pages, or other word-processing formats
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Research paper (not an analysis paper)
  • Based on your major and chosen profession, identify a national or international Professional Association that provides a code of conduct or code of ethics for your industry.  (NOT an employer, NOT a chapter or local/regional organization)  You do not have to be a current member – the research is for a professional organization that would benefit you in your chosen career field that offers a Code of Ethics or a Code of Conduct. (Choose another if your first choice does not offer an official code with a link.)
    • Example:
      • Major – Finance, professional career opportunities: financial advisor, professional association choices (among others).  You could choose one of the professional associations below — or find another that you like – there are several.
      • Financial Planning Association (FPA),  or National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA),  or  National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA),  or  Association for Financial Professionals (AFP)    (or other)
Use guideline provided in this link and answer questions, using the following headings in your formal paper:
  1. Profession:  Based on your major, what profession are you working toward?
  2. Professional Association: Identify your chosen professional association (NOT a current or future employer).  The organization should provide a code of conduct or code of ethics for the entire industry.
  3. Specialized Training:  Educational requirements for your chosen profession, membership requirements for joining the Association, is there a special exam required (such as the CPA exam for Certified Public Accountants for accounting majors)?
  4. Code of Ethics:  Provide the link to access the code (in the body of this section AND the References page), identify the ethical rules for your profession, and summarize the major provisions.
  5. Self-Regulation: Identify enforcement process and consequences for unethical behaviors established by your chosen professional association.
  6. Client-Focus:  What does it mean to serve the interest of others in the context of your chosen profession?
  7. Reflection:
    1. How has your chosen professional association incorporated the three normative ethics theories studied in this course?
    2. What have you learned about being an ethical member of your chosen profession?
    3. What challenges have you discovered that might need to be overcome to be an ethical member of your chosen profession?
  8. References page:  APA formatted